• About Dr Nyjon Eccles

    breast screeningDr Eccles has spent many years studying and researching natural and non-invasive natural ways to improve cellular health. He is committed to the practise of evidence-based medicine. He states "We are not prepared in any way to compromise our medical standards in the pursuit of a natural or complementary approach but rather we aim to ensure that there is clinical and scientific validation of our work"

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  • Radiation-Free breast screening

    breast screening UK

    • A "peace of mind" test using state of the art thermal scans (medical thermal imaging)
    • Extremely early detection (typically 6-10 years earlier than mammography)
    • Radiation free and Non-invasive
    • Ideal for all ages, whether 20 or 70 yrs old
    • Accurate: 90% sensitivity and 90% specificity
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  • Breast health empowerment programme

    breast screening UK

    • Identify nutritional imbalances that may be increasing your risk
    • Measurement of Key nutrients important for breast health
    • Dr Eccles' Breast Health Home Test kit
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